What is the Kinetic Code?

It’s our unique formula for unlocking business potential

Potential energy is latent energy stored within a system, not yet realised and held in place by other factors. With the right conditions and insight, potential energy can be released and converted into kinetic energy—the energy of momentum and change. This process is a state change; converting held ability into forward progress. People and businesses often find themselves in a similar situation. Filled with untapped ability or value, which is left dormant due to the complex and rigid structure that surrounds them.

The Kinetic Code is our powerful system designed to release this potential. It sets out a structured change management plan using a toolkit of seven Catalysts. These combine to transform an organisation from a static and inefficient Potential State to an energised and self-improving Kinetic State. Every function within Isoma is designed to facilitate this state change.

Potential State + Catalysts = Kinetic State

Potential State

Ready to improve

Most businesses sit in a Potential State, where they are static and sub-optimised. Common signs of a Potential State business are: uncompetitive practices with a complicated structure set around an uncertain or unclear value chain, a sluggish performance with multiple systems and methods, tiered or disengaged staff, uncontrolled risks with lengthy procedures and separated compliance systems, and high costs due to fragmented or uncoordinated management systems. Our Catalysts can unlock their potential and transform these businesses into a Kinetic State: a state of momentum and improvement.

Tired Staff
Uncontrolled Risks
High Costs

Kinetic State

Always improving

Kinetic businesses have a strong competitive advantage and are always improving. Signs of a business in a Kinetic State are: strongly competitive practices centered on a clear and understood value chain, an agile performance with rapid and effective improvement via a single point of focus, energised staff who clearly understand their contribution, controlled risks deriving from strong procedural clarity, and reduced costs that stem from one integrated operational management system for all needs. Businesses attain a Kinetic State by way of seven Catalysts.

Strongly Competitive
Highly Agile
Energised Staff
Controlled Risks
Reduced Costs


Elements that unlock potential

The seven Catalysts — capture, clarification, culture, control, consistency, continual improvement and compliance — are the key elements for unlocking an organisation’s potential and creating a Kinetic State. Each catalyst comprises of several detailed elements: all of which are necessary for its function. The Isoma Suite has been designed to facilitate attaining these elements, and every function within Isoma can be linked to a Catalyst. As part of the Kinetic Code, these catalysts set out a structured change management plan for organisations to follow, all achieved through use of Isoma.


Knowledge is power

Knowledge is crucial to competitive advantage. Slow to build, but terrifyingly easy to lose in endless documents or in the minds of those who understand it — who may one day walk away from your business. Isoma prevents this from happening by bringing people’s knowledge out of the dark and displaying it for all to see.

  • Capture all company operations; from micro to macro
  • Capture explicit knowledge from documentation
  • Easily capture tacit knowledge held in peoples minds
  • Translate processes from current systems
  • Re-use and re-purpose captured information
  • Scale captured data across the enterprise


The complex made simple

Businesses are complex but understanding them shouldn’t be. Isoma clarifies an organisation’s value by taking captured information and creating an in-depth understanding of a business’s value chain, allowing the organisation to make sure every action adds to value.

  • Clarify company value
  • Understand individual value
  • Clarify complex operations and documentation
  • Clarify individual and departmental interactions
  • Understand cause and effect within the business
  • Make optimisation opportunities clear


Cohesive culture change

Change begins with people, yet all too often this has been forgotten as wave after wave of business automation initiatives have disenfranchised entire workforces and led to disappointing results. This is why we engage the workforce in order to design and create a new cultural direction for the company, creating the foundation for energised growth and improvement.

  • Articulate the organisation’s goals and human resource impact
  • Define the cultural targets and assess the current culture
  • Create a programme to align the desired culture and organisational goals
  • Energise the workforce using Isoma to deliver the alignment program
  • Develop and embed new behaviours to create the foundation for growth


Offering order with options

Software should work for you and not the other way around. Isoma will mould and adapt to an organisation’s needs, putting you in control of Isoma and users in control of their processes. This control ensures that Isoma will help everyone to perform to the best of their ability, not control their inputs and limit their creative innovation.

  • Control all operations from one place
  • Control the inflow and outflow of data to relevant people
  • Hand control to employees
  • Control data security through encryption, local hosting and user separation
  • Allow full control of the system to suit your needs


Practice makes progress

Consistency allows a routine of operational excellence to be created. Isoma provides a single point of focus to ensure that consistency can be created and then maintained within an organisation. Everything from process management to document retrieval is available in one access point.

  • Create a single point of focus for all operations
  • A seamless enterprise using one integrated system
  • Consistent access point for all documents and data
  • Consistent supplier quality/span>
  • Create a consistent routine for change management

Continual Improvement

Two steps forward, no steps back

Engage your entire workforce in continual improvement to drive business transformation through operational excellence, process improvement, knowledge improvement and standards management. Isoma offers a transparent atmosphere where anyone can suggest improvements to an organisation.

  • Engage the entire workforce in continual improvement
  • Create a consistent process for improvement
  • Care for every idea
  • Create a feedback culture
  • Make improvement opportunities obvious
  • Take improvement beyond the company
  • Simplify quantitative modelling
  • Use many minds to make light work


Low risk, high reward

Compliance is usually expensive. However, Isoma hugely reduces the cost of compliance by allow an organisation to manage and meet multiple standards and regulations all within one system. Isoma reduces the manpower cost of managing audits and provides an easily understandable platform for external regulators to follow.

  • One system for every compliance need
  • Quicker and cheaper compliance
  • Reduce duplication to remove risk
  • Work to the latest documents and workflows
  • Make compliance up-keep easier
  • Clearly demonstrate compliance
  • Make procedure effortless to follow
  • Reduce risk across the entire enterprise
  • Reduce supply chain risk

View the suite

Find out which setup suits your needs

 The Isoma suite consists of three core products and four optional specialist modules. This allows an organisation of any size to customise its use of Isoma to suit its needs, and have the system grow in line with the business. Isoma is future proof: your business will never need to switch systems again.