Our Products and Modules

The Isoma Suite features three core products and four optional specialist modules, this allows an organisation of any size to customise its use of Isoma to suit its needs, and have the system grow in line with the business. Isoma is world class suite that is designed to be future proof: your business will never need to change systems again.

Isoma is simplifying and optimizing our operations, improving our effectiveness, reducing our costs and accelerating our change initiatives. In short, it is transforming the way we work.


Isoma Business Manager

Isoma BM is our most advanced product. Building on Isoma CM, it contains all the functionality a large enterprise needs to transform all or part of its operations, create global efficiencies and build a dominant competitive advantage.

The additional functionality within Isoma BM is aimed at Group-level Operations managers seeking enterprise-wide efficiencies and Operational Excellence specialists, seeking functionality beyond the level of typical Lean Six Sigma tools.


  • Business transformation
  • Operational excellence
  • Enterprise-wide change management
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Isoma Change Manager

Isoma CM is our mid-range product. It builds on Isoma PDM and contains all the functionality a typical mid-sized organisation needs to engage and energise its workforce in change.

As such the interactive functionality within Isoma CM is aimed at the general workforce and requires no technical skills or specialist process knowledge for them to engage with it. It is clear, simple, concise and powerful.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Standards management
  • Knowledge improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Change management across a single business unit

Isoma Process and Document Manager

Isoma PDM is our foundation product. By simplifying knowledge capture and enabling rapid, effective operational clarification, PDM contains all the functionality a small or static organisation needs to build the potential for change.

It consists of a version-controlled process editor and a read-only user interface for distributing processes, documents, data and automated workflows across a workforce.


  • Process mapping
  • Process management
  • Knowledge mapping
  • Knowledge and information management

Isoma Modules

Specialist modules to optimise your enterprise


Our four specialist modules can be used in conjunction with the core products and allow you to optimise specific areas of your business. The potential savings from using these modules can be astronomical. Take a look below to find out more.


Accelerate audits

Our Auditor module reduces the costs and risks of internal, customer, regulatory or certifying body audits. By securely digitising the transmission of vital process information, Auditor reduces cost by up to 60% and prevents incorrect, inappropriate or out of date data being mistakenly supplied.

Auditor utilises our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment to enable a secure, one-way transfer of the selected processes within their hierarchical structure, including their full version history, the underlying activity boxes, plus their hints, linked resources, constraints, documents, data and workflows.

Compatible with

  • Isoma CM
  • Isoma BM

Advanced analysis

The Analytics module provides a comprehensive set of quantitative tools for analysing and improving process efficiency and effectiveness. It allows an organisation to model and test highly detailed process scenarios on utilisation, cost, probabilities and cycle times.

Analytics’ main applications are for operational excellence, continuous improvement and risk management.

Compatible with

  • Isoma BM

Supercharge suppliers

Our Supplier module reduces the cost of supply by improving the effectiveness of supplier processes: ensuring that the root cause of poor supply is addressed. It can be used with any number of suppliers, ensuring that an organisation’s supply chain is always optimized and supply risk is minimized.

Supplier incorporates a limited licence of Isoma Analytics within our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment: enabling a secure, two-way transfer of process information between an organisation and its supplier.

Compatible with

  • Isoma BM

Energise your enterprise

The Enterprise module is our most powerful module. By enabling the secure sharing of common process data across multiple business units within a Group company and between merged or acquired companies, Enterprise generates enormous efficiency savings and massively accelerates any organisational transformation. It utilises our IsomEx encrypted hosting environment to enable a secure, multi-way transfer of selected processes, their full version history and data links within their operational structure.


  • In the creation of Group-wide management systems, Enterprise enables an exemplar system to be created and rapidly replicated across the entire enterprise.
  • In Acquisitions it enables the best of the old processes to be seamlessly transferred to the new Business Management System, so that operations in the new entity are able to start immediately.
  • In Mergers it enables the common or most operationally critical processes to be identified in both parties and quickly merged into a new Business Management System which combines the best of both organisations.

Compatible with

  • Isoma BM