About E‑Squared

Our experience and motivation

We believe change begins with people.

That belief drives everything we do.

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Our belief

Machines don’t make change happen: people do. Yet all too often this has been forgotten as wave after wave of business automation initiatives have disenfranchised entire workforces and led to disappointing results.

This is why we, like so many leading businessmen and commentators passionately believe that our operational focus should once again be on our people. In our hearts we all know that change begins with people and can never be successful without them.

Our solution

As we enter the age of value management we have to find better ways for our people to continually improve our operations and to do so in faster ways than ever before. This is why we formed E‑Squared and created Isoma.

In Isoma we have created a business management system that energises entire workforces around the improvement of value and empowers them to create rapid, enterprise-wide, positive change.  Highly configurable, Isoma utilises our unique Kinetic Code to unlock latent potential and deliver new competitive advantage to all of the organisations that use it.


We create business transformation systems to engage and energise your workforce, not just automate it.


Since 2008 we’ve been changing the way people approach businesses transformation.

Our history

In October 2009, E‑Squared UK Ltd became the new name for two merged companies within the E‑Squared group. The first, E‑Squared Software Ltd was the genesis of the group, founded by David Key in June 2008. In September 2008 it became the vehicle for a Buy Out of the majority assets from Atkins Advantage Business Solutions, the defence consultancy subsidiary of Atkins plc.

Those assets included QMAP, the world’s first IDEF0 process modelling software tool, its Intellectual Property Rights, development team, management team and clients. Since then we have been refining our proposition and have designed a completely new range of products under the Isoma brand to meet the precise needs of the enterprise market.

Isoma has given us invaluable insight into our business operations. It has also provided us with a platform from which we can grow in a controlled yet responsive way.
“E‑Squared believes change begins with people: so business transformation systems should energise a workforce, not just automate it. That’s why we create highly engaging software which unlocks business potential and empowers people to create enterprise-wide, positive change. Our flagship product Isoma is designed to be the ultimate business transformation system. Highly configurable, it delivers increased competitive advantage through the application of our unique Kinetic Code.”


Is the average number of processes that are people based in businesses and cannot be automated; which is why we’ve designed Isoma to engage the workforce.


To energise the workforce to drive business improvement.


To create highly engaging systems which unlock business potential and empower the workforce to create enterprise-wide, positive change.


To combine inspired, responsive and agile development with the application of our unique Kinetic Code to make Isoma the ultimate business transformation system.


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The values we uphold


We believe in people, which is why we create software based around them. We build and maintain loyal relationships with our clients based around respect. When you contact us you will deal with human beings rather than automated systems. We make sure the best people are on hand to help in any way possible.



We are meticulous in our attention to the smallest details. With a keen eye for excellence we always strive to improve and deliver flawless software, and our service is of the highest standard. Our meticulous nature comes from a genuine care and passion about creating the best software possible, free from faults.



Our adventurous spirit keeps us open to new ideas and new solutions. It is this spirit that drives our creativity and allows us to think outside the box, and deliver cutting edge software unlike anything else on the market. We explore the unknown and don’t believe in limits. Any problem can be solved and anything improved.



We are outcome focused and driven by achieving the best results for the people we work with. Every action we take has a clear direction, is clearly planned, and has a clear purpose behind it. We carry out our plan with determination and resolve to ensure that the best results are always achieved. We make progress happen.



We believe two minds are better than one, and working together we can improve results for both parties. We listen carefully to anyone that has input in order to continually improve the way we work. We also collaborate with our specially selected partners to ensure we deliver the best service possible.



We strive to provide a flawless service. Our consistently reliable and high quality performance has built a trust between us and those we work with. It builds the backbone for developing personal relationships with the people behind different organizations. Our software will not fail you, and neither will we.



We are honest in our interactions, true to our word and clear in our meaning. In an industry often filled with technobabble, we remove the clutter to be as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. We de-mystify IT solutions as we believe everyone should understand the system they’re using.



We are highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic about our careers. We are relentless in our efforts to improve ourselves and the things around us. Our ambitious, positive and intelligent approach to business improvement means that the possibilities are endless for everyone we work with.