At E-Squared we unlock business potential. How? We make change work.

People are energised every day using Isoma
(and counting)

What do we do?

We make some of the world’s most powerful and reliable software: business management systems which work across continents, time after time, without error. They are so reliable that we have one of the lowest technical support call rates in the world – just 0.004%.  Isoma is the latest in our range: a complete and comprehensive change management system.


What makes us different?

We believe ‘change begins with people’, which leads us to create Change Management Systems that actively engage and energise entire workforces. With our systems, people feel empowered and as a result, deliver their best work: time after time.

A belief based on fact, not fiction.

Business runs on people. Yet this has often been forgotten, and wave after wave of automation initiatives has disengaged people. The outcome is a workforce who is resistant to change and disappointing business results.

In business processes, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates 5% could be fully automated and 30% partially automated by 20551
That leaves 65% of processes within business as human based for the next 30 years1

We step beyond just process automation

We’re here to do things differently. We make software which energises the workforce. Whether that’s through making work easier or allowing every everyone to contribute towards continuous improvement. We engage the workforce, not just automate it.

Engaged employees are 43% more productive at work2
78% of employees who feel their company encourages innovation are more committed to their job3

Who are we here for?

We work with change leaders. If you’re a knowledge-intensive organisation, which needs to drive effective change to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we’ll be able to help.

“Isoma is simplifying our operations, improving our effectiveness, reducing our costs and accelerating our change initiatives. In short, it is transforming the way we work.”

Steve Hales, TRL Head of Delivery Assurance, L-3 Group

Our values


We believe in people, so we build and maintain loyal relationships with our clients. When you pick up the phone you’ll speak to a real person rather than automated systems.


In an industry filled with smoke and mirrors technobabble, we demystify IT. We are straightforward and honest. If we can’t help you we’ll help direct you to someone who can.


We’re driven by seeing what humans achieve when they’re at their best. To support that, we aim to deliver the best. Our software will not fail you, and neither will we.


We’re always exploring new ideas and solutions. Being open to step outside of the box allows us to deliver cutting edge software which is unlike anything else on the market.


We’re not just here to have fun (although we do). We’re outcome focused. Seeing great results motivates us, so we carry out plans with determination and purpose.


Many minds make light work. We listen, collaborate, and are always open to input. Working together can improve results for both parties, so we strive to understand your world.

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