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High impact, fast rewards

It is no coincidence that, following the Valdez oil spill in 1989, Exxon, followed by the rest of the oil & gas industry, became passionate Operational Excellence advocates. If Exxon had Isoma in 1989, their problems would have been solved 900% faster.

Isoma works fast to reveal operational risks

After the spill nobody wanted a repeat, and in that industry OpEx is now synonymous with risk management. Today, most oil and gas companies have an operational excellence management system in place.

Had Isoma been available in 1989 it would have enabled Exxon to reveal the operational risks which caused the disaster, much quicker. With Isoma, it takes just 120 days to build and utilise an effective operational excellence system for managing risk. That’s 900% faster than the 3 years it took Exxon.

Isoma: high impact, fast rewards.

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To build and utilise a world class operational excellence system.

Isoma removes risk across the enterprise

Following the spill, Isoma would have also enabled Exxon to identify and remove any other operational threats. Staff would have had the mechanism to identify them, remove them and prevent their recurrence.

Of course, such risk management power is not limited to Oil & Gas. Isoma can enable any company in any industry to rapidly reduce risks in just the same way.

Isoma: high impact, fast rewards.

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