Isoma System

Isoma is a complete and comprehensive change management system. It provides all the functionality you need to tune-up or transform your organisation.

And with our packaged offerings of software, content and consultancy, we can provide a ready-made Business Management System (BMS), customised for your business, that is ready to go live in just a few days.

With Isoma, we have consistently achieved 99.6% On Time Delivery rates with our biggest clients like Boeing.

Paul SpencerSite Director, Meggitt plc

It’s the ultimate capability tool. Isoma is beautiful, impactful and genuinely transformational.

Neil HarveyLean Partner, Levantar Management Consultants

The closest I’ve found to the perfect software for running business operations. It touches all the buttons.

Mark GreenhouseOperational Excellence Partner, Levantar Management Consultants

Isoma has permeated and benefited every part of Meggitt Avionics: providing clarity, consistency and improved effectiveness. With it we now know what ‘good’ looks like.

Paul SpencerSite Director, Meggitt plc

If I had Isoma years ago as a Lean practitioner, it would have made my life so much easier.

DJ DuarteGlobal Optimization Expert and Lean Leadership Coach, Makoto Flow

Exceptional tools to increase the effectiveness of acquisitions and process improvement programs.

Brian CollinsGroup CFO & M&A specialist
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What Isoma does

Isoma creates an out-of-the-box Business Management System: a single source of the truth and a focus for change

Providing a complete, comprehensive and contemporary view of an organisation, a BMS drives operational consistency, compliance and more effective decision making.  An Isoma BMS also allows you to see deep into your operations to identify hidden improvement opportunities, model those, engage your employees in their refinement and then implement the resultant change easily and consistently.

Isoma enables you to see

Look at your business in a fresh, new light to reveal deeply hidden risks and brand-new opportunities.

Isoma acts as a 3-way magnifying glass that cuts through complexity and focuses change.  With it, your best strategy, plans and operations become crystal clear.

Isoma drives Daimler Chrysler customer experience boost →

Point of focus

One system

Multiple tools

Macro view



Micro view



Isoma builds value

Isoma delivers the insight, control and confidence you need to drive the business forward.

Isoma generates invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your business model and operational performance.  It enables you to maximise your competitive advantage, make better, quicker and more effective decisions, build capacity, scale up production and improve the management of your resources.

Isoma gave Thales the confidence to grow →
Unify your operations. From documents, to process, to supply.
Engage your people in business transformation and operational excellence.
Effortlessly model opportunities, costs and risks.
Continually improve your entire organisation and its supply chain.
Manage all your standards and certifications in one place.
A system that scales to control risks and lower costs.
Increase your competitive advantage and customer value.
Share common process, knowledge and data with suppliers.
A single point of a focus which breaks down departmental barriers.
One system unifying the Enterprise which shares common process and data.

Isoma ensures compliance

Once changes have been identified and made, Isoma enables your teams to quickly adopt and comply with them – right across the business.

Processes can be created, adjusted and published incredibly quickly, in a way which everyone can understand and follow. Critical documentation and explanatory videos can be linked to them so they are readily available and in context. Then through active staff engagement and our built-in Kaizen system, they are continually improved.

A flying start with AS9100D compliance →

Isoma drives operational excellence

Deliver measurable, impactful results with Isoma’s OpEx features.

Isoma is designed to accelerate the change to a continuous improvement culture by providing an out-of-the-box Business Management System, ready to go live with your own operational data in just 60 days.

  • Out-of-the-box
  • Customizable
  • Fully scalable
  • SAAS or Installed
  • Fully supported
  • Dynamic

Isoma makes change work

Connect, collaborate and contribute with Isoma.

Isoma enables organisations to respond to the increasing rate of change by providing a system which genuinely engages employees in continuous improvement. This is why The World’s most demanding organisations use Isoma. It works.

Isoma built learning into all processes for DIO →


Enabling your people to connect to your business vision and working environment


Empowering your people to collaborate and innovate to delight your customers


Energising your people to contribute to your commercial performance

Isoma enables faster and better decisions

Create clarity in your people, vision and environment to make informed decisions.

Isoma provides management teams with a unique, complete and comprehensive overview of their entire organisation which delivers unparalleled clarity for decision making. No more guesswork about which processes to automate or which teams to build, Isoma enables your entire organisation to make and buy into decisions with confidence.

Smart decisions powered Doosan’s transformation →

How Isoma works

Isoma utilises multiple tools within a single comprehensive system, to connect the people and processes within a business to its purpose and positioning.

One system: multiple tools

Mapping and modelling made easy, with processes and KPI’s side by side.

  • The Editor enables operational and value structures to be mapped and modelled.
  • The Portal allows them to be securely published in a range of ways and the performance of any improvements closely tracked.

Simple implementation

Forget complicated IT implementations: with Isoma we do all the hard work for you. We host it, provide the underlying processes, link it to your other systems and train your people in its use.

And despite its power, Isoma is really simple to use and understand. Everyone: from senior managers to shop floor workers can quickly grasp its engaging representation of value and operations. With Isoma, change is just a click away.

Latest Success Stories

Isoma is enabling excellence every day. Take a look at its impact on some of our projects.

AS9100 Rev D The major changes from Rev C

A flying start with AS9100D compliance

Meggitt Avionics

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Analytics help global group improve focus and profitability

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Boosting Efficiency in the aviation industry

Efficiency soars as avionics innovator boosts aircraft stability

Meggitt Avionics


From accelerating culture change to driving growth, maximising profits and reducing risk: Isoma builds operational excellence into everything you do.

Accelerate Culture Change

Embed continuous improvement in the heart of your business

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Drive Growth

Transform value & harmonise operations

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Maximize Profits

Optimise your entire organisation

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Reduce Risk

Optimise compliance and customer satisfaction

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Ready to tune-up or transform?


Reduction in errors and defects


Lead time improvement


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