Thales needed an urgent ISO 9001 re-certification and accreditation to retain business with a major client.



Thales offers cutting edge technology: from the world’s largest sensor and fire control portfolio to leading C4ISR solutions; from prime contracting to lead system integration; from ship modernisation programmes to innovative operational life cycle support & services for the broadest range of ship classes.



An urgent ISO 9001 re-certification and accreditation was required to retain business with a major client: current existing certificates had insufficient scope or definition in the context of the current work. Failure to achieve accreditation in a short timeframe would place the business, worth approximately £400m, at risk.

Thales facts






R&D investment

In order to ensure re-accreditation E-Squared were employed to:

Define value

Rapidly and comprehensively understand and structure the new business value chain.

Structure process

Map out the underlying processes, with particular detail being paid to programme management and engineering.

Educate staff

Create and roll out an internal education program for all staff to support this.

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The key benefits for Thales and its operational workforce were:

A new and comprehensive (wide scope) ISO 9001 certification was achieved.

The business at risk was retained and new business gained in addition.

A single point for audit was achieved in months rather than years.

Staff were able to access program processes and information in minutes rather than hours through a single point.

Other corporate certifications (Environmental, Health and Safety 14001 & 18001) were subsequently won using the new platform.