Seven out of every ten M&As fail

Why? For one common reason: ineffective integration of the teams, systems and cultures involved. On average, that is costing shareholders, fund managers and employees $54m per deal and the global economy $12bn every working day. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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How can you integrate two businesses effectively?

All it requires is an effective mechanism for harmonising people with processes, purpose and positioning so that from Day One of the deal – or as soon as is practicable thereafter – everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet.


The cost of failed M&As to the global economy is an unnecessary loss of $2.6trn.
Reduce deal failure rates by 75%.
Accelerate the rate of deals by 70%.

E-Squared has created such a mechanism

One which reduces deal failure rates by up to 75%, deal costs by six figures, accelerates the rate of deals by 70% and increases deal capacity by 400%. Called Isoma Choir, it is a new type of acquisition management system.

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We’ve created a new type of acquisition management system that consists of software, content and consultancy and reverses the odds of deal failure. Called Isoma Choir, this paper describes how it works and explains its benefits in more detail.

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What does Isoma Choir do?

Not only does Isoma Choir enable every CEO to enter every deal confident in the knowledge that it will be successful, but it also releases senior management and their teams to focus on sales growth and productivity from Day One, safe in the knowledge that behind the scenes, their operations are solid, and their new teams are working in harmony. Find out more in our free white paper below.

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