BAA Capital Projects is the design and construction arm of BAA which manages its infrastructure projects across BAA’s seven UK airports.

In order to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency across Capital Projects, they wanted to develop a strategic business process model to analyse and re-engineer the key processes.

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E-Squared Systems implemented a review that examined possible approaches from the following perspectives.

  • Customer: will the approach enhance customer satisfaction?

  • Strategic: do the approaches meet the overall objectives of the step change programme?

  • Management: will the approach provide assurance and deliver benefits that can be quantified?

  • Owner: is the approach meaningful, usable and sustainable?

  • System: is the approach holistic and does it link top to bottom?

  • Governance: how will the approach be managed?

  • External: is the approach consistent and aligned with regulatory/legislative requirements and to international/recognised standards?


The results for BAA were improved customer satisfaction and efficiency.

The creation of a new strategic business process management and investment model for ongoing use within the BAA Capital projects division.

Business policies that clearly described the requirements and scope of the business.

An agreed set of integrated business processes and guidelines aligned to the overall model and business strategy.

Much-improved stakeholder clarity of the costs, benefits, interactions and risks involved in each project and forming a solid platform for ongoing Capital Projects investment decisions.