Picture this for a minute.  You’re a significant, active shareholder in an acquisitive company and you supported its latest deal. The strategy was good, the numbers added up, the due diligence was fine and everything went ahead as planned.  But a few months down the line you have your doubts.  The two teams are not gelling and there’s little sign of real integration.  Productivity is slipping, costs are rising and the predicted benefits just aren’t coming through.


What should you do?   You are reluctant to interfere with the day-to-day management of the business but you do want to ensure the deal is a success.  Are there statistics you can use to show your management team its not their fault and an approach they can take to quickly turn the situation around?


You can find these and other answers in a new white paper we have produced, entitled: “Transforming M&A Failure rates”.  Following years developing a practical turnaround solution, this is a paper for pragmatists who need to make an immediate difference.  You can download a copy at Transforming M&A Failure Rates