In November’s edition of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine, Meggitt Avionics Site Director, Paul Spencer explains how Isoma has helped the company define what ‘good’ looks like.

You can find the full article here

Here’s what Paul had to say about Isoma.

E-Squared’s Isoma business management system (BMS) tells us what we should be doing whilst the Meggitt Production System provides the accountability for that and tells us how well we are doing it. Over the past six years this combination has taken us to new heights: helping us to gain and retain the best customers, to deliver our contribution to Meggitt PLC and to satisfy our regulators.

It has also enabled us to maintain full compliance with Rev D, to achieve a gold supplier rating with Boeing, and to consistently grow our business at 6-7% pa. The BMS allows us to think more strategically and have more management headroom for decision-making. With it we now know what ‘good’ looks like and we use the MPS to ensure we consistently deliver it.