Business has changed radically since the last major revision in 2000; technology has changed how we work, geographical boundaries are almost insignificant in today’s global economy, supply chains are increasingly complex and the information available has multiplied exponentially. To ensure that ISO 9001 continues to serve the business community and maintain its relevance in today’s market place, the standard is being revised to address the change in the business world.


We have been writing about the new ISO:2015 regime for some time and are delighted to see that at long last it is here. The updated ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications are now live. More are due to follow.

ISO:2015 is undoubtedly a positive move: at long last aligning standards compliance with business improvement. In theory at least, this will bring standards management into the heart of business. In practice there are still a few traps for the unwary.

  1. Whilst ISO:2015 is an evolution rather than a revolution it nonetheless represents a major change. Not only will such change require leadership – which the 2015 regime encourages – it will also require facilitation. To be effective that must be both human and systemic. Change managers will be needed as will capable software.
  2. Across larger and distributed enterprises, standards have rarely been managed consistently. Through its unified structure, the new ISO regime should encourage this, but it will take time. In the meantime policies and systems need to be in place to iron out the bumps.
  3. Whilst it will take time for the High Level Structure which underpins ISO:2015 to be applied to the design of all standards don’t be fooled into thinking that the management of standards cannot be unified now. It can be – and the prospective efficiency savings are enormous. All it takes is capable software.

From our perspective at E Squared, ISO:2015 represents a great opportunity for all organisations to truly embed business improvement. It can only be positive. ISO:2015 also underpins our long-held belief that compliance should be integrated with business improvement and that the two are most effectively managed in a combined, ergonomic system. Naturally we have created just that. It’s called Isoma.

Here’s to the Evolution!