“Inspired by our belief that change begins with people, E-Squared looks to partner with organisations that promote positive, people-driven change. So, we’re delighted to support the CQI’s Quality Professional of the Year award, which celebrates the impact that quality professionals can make by leading change. As quality evolves to become more strategic, it is the work of these pioneers that will help position quality at the heart of business.”

David Key
E-Squared’s Managing Director

We are delighted and  honoured to announce that we will be sponsoring the Quality Professional of the Year award at the inaugural CQI Quality awards ceremony on the 22nd November 2017.

The awards acknowledge the people who share their experience for the benefit of individuals and teams, and for the benefit of the profession. And we want to recognize leaders who design and foster a culture where their fellow quality professionals are able to succeed.The awards will also help the wider public understand the critical role that quality professionals play in enabling their organisations to be efficient and effective.

Specifically, the Quality Professional of the Year award recognizes the quality professional who has contributed most to their organisation.

“E-Squared employ a strategic approach to quality, which is aligned with CQI’s vision for the quality profession. The E-Squared purpose-driven approach to organisation-wide transformation is palpable, and we’re therefore proud to be partnering on the award for Quality Professional of the Year.”

Vina Bongiorno
Executive Director of Commercial Partnerships at the CQI