Why is quality data so important?

Data has always informed decisions about quality improvements. But now more than ever, standards have re-emphasised the importance of evidence-based decision making.

As the volume and complexity of statistics ramp up, organisations need to find new ways of processing and understanding all of this evidence. Companies that can handle this increase are leaving those who can’t behind.

Quality leaders should be looking to develop common data models to combine business systems, operational systems and machine data in one place. This will ease accessing and working with data no matter where it resides or what application created it.


Data is useless to Quality professionals unless it can be processed and understood.

How Isoma can help you

Isoma is designed to facilitate a common data model. Its core functionality enables a business system and operational data to be linked and centralised in one place.

Isoma’s optional ‘Connect’ module now enables related machine data to be fed into that model too. Essentially, Isoma becomes a single point of focus for your entire organisation.

But where Isoma really shines is its ability to connect all that data with people and the company’s objectives so that everything works seamlessly together to drive performance.

Isoma embeds people empowerment into every business function from sales to service, regulation and compliance, finance, HR and operational delivery – providing critical insights and commercial metrics; monitoring compliance and process performance whilst demonstrating commercial ROI.

By providing enterprise-wide visibility and analytics of all your business processes, Isoma provides valuable insights upon which to base effective people development decisions and build a culture of teamwork and performance.

Isoma clarifies complex data to help improve the people in your business, driving performance and facilitating standards management.

If you would like to see all of this works or have any questions about what else Isoma can do for you, then please contact us for a free Isoma demo.