White Paper: Engaging the Board with AS9100 Revision D

Our white paper ‘Engaging the Board with AS9100 Revision D’ alerts the Board and the Quality team to the huge possibilities that Rev D creates for improvement, whilst also smoothing the way for each to cross the bridge to meet the other. It addresses an issue which is clearly of concern to aerospace Quality managers: i.e. how to engage their boards of directors in any meaningful discussion about quality.

This paper puts forward a compelling case for the Board’s involvement and willing engagement; enabling the senior Quality team to approach their board, demonstrate the opportunities that Rev D offers and enhance their position.
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White Paper: Energising aerospace companies behind AS9100 Revision D

Our white paper ‘Energising aerospace companies behind AS9100 REVISION D’ details the major differences between AS9100 Rev C and AS9100 Rev D, offers insight on the opportunities for business and includes helpful guidance on how to prepare for the change. The paper is available free of charge to members.

White Paper contents:

  • Introduction: What’s the big deal?

  • The major changes from Revision C

  • Alignment with ISO:2015

    • The increased focus on risk

    • The concept and implications of the Value Chain

    • The emphasis on Change Management

    • The introduction of Knowledge Management

    • Explicit KPI requirements

  • The Opportunity

  • Transition Practicalities

  • Conclusion

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AS9100 Webinar: Systems Which Engage Everyone (4/5)

AS9100 Rev D will focus your staff on new ways of working. This implies a requirement that your systems should support, reinforce and encourage this, and should drive the necessary culture change.

So in our final webinar of the series, I will explore ways that your systems might engage everyone. In particular, I will run through the use of systems to:

  • Drive culture change and engage your people

  • Create a single point of focus for the whole organization

  • Simplify and reduce your costs of standards management

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AS9100 Webinar: Techniques to Overcome Resistance (3/5)

AS9100 Rev D places a strong emphasis on change management. For this reason the third of our webinars on the Rev D transition will cover ‘Techniques to Overcome Resistance’.

To help aerospace companies understand the significance of this change, we have asked Andy Loveless, the Managing Director of The Pecan Partnership to talk about the lessons that they, as change managers, have learned from similar transitions.

From this webinar you will also learn how to:

  • Improve your transition rates

  • Deploy the change at scale across your organization

  • Prepare for continuous change as the Rev D culture becomes the norm

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AS9100 Webinar: Plans to Avoid Overstretch (2/5)

The transition timescale for AS9100 Rev D is very tight. Whilst it may well be adequate to implement the required technical changes, the management of the much more significant cultural changes may be challenging for even the most prepared of companies. For this reason the second of our webinars on the Rev D transition will cover ‘Plans to Avoid Overstretch’.

David Key, Managing Director of E-Squared, hosts this webinar from which you will take away an effective, four-phase transition plan that will:

  • Enable you to manage the tight timescales of Rev D effectively

  • Ensure you have adequate support through the transition.

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AS9100 Webinar: Lessons from ISO-2015 (1/5)

AS9100 Rev D demands an evolutionary change to business practices in a similar way to that demanded by the new ISO:2015 regime. These include:

  • A new, value-driven approach to process management.

  • A tenfold increase in risk management activities.

  • An emphasis on ongoing change management.

To help aerospace companies understand the significance of this change, we have asked James Gibb, the Technical Director of Advanced Certification, to talk about the lessons that they, as auditors, have learned from their ISO:2015 audits over the past year.
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