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Plans, tools and techniques to make aerospace Standards change easier, quicker and more effective.

Change is coming

The introduction of AS9100 Revision D to the aerospace industry in November 2016 presents a significant challenge for every employee in every aerospace business across the globe. Whilst the burden of the transition from Revision C will fall on quality managers, who are being asked to drive radical change like never before, ownership will now fall to the Board, who for the first time will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements.

No longer will it be sufficient for such companies to innovate in products and services alone: AS9100 Revision D is demanding evolutionary change to underlying business practices.

Changes within AS9100 Revision D:

A new, value-driven approach to process management

A tenfold increase in risk management activities

An emphasis on ongoing change management

The AS9100 opportunity

AS9100 Revision D is a real opportunity to energise staff and unlock an organisation’s latent potential. It has the capability of becoming the unifying, universal improvement mechanism across the aerospace industry. To take advantage of this, aerospace companies must adapt quickly. In particular they should do the following:

Unify standards management

Operate a single management system which truly embraces business improvement and integrates the management of all standards, compliance and operations under one roof.

Embrace and address the cultural changes

The cultural changes which are likely to be much more profound, will take much longer and require much more effort than the technical changes of AS9100 Rev D. This will require capable change management. Whilst the technical changes will be more comfortable for most QMs, it is the successful management of the cultural changes that will have the greatest impact on business performance.

We’re here to help

Having been involved with AS9100 Revision D since the times of Revision B and with over 6000 aerospace employees already using Isoma to manage compliance, we at E Squared have built a wealth of knowledge and resources to aid aerospace managers in the transition: as we did when Revision C was introduced. The key is having a strong direction from the outset. Change begins with people so a successful transition requires a successful change in organizational culture. We help with by providing plans, tools, techniques and systems to make Standards change easier, quicker and more effective.

AS9100 Webinars

Free webinars on the AS9100 change.

The webinars include specialist speakers who will share plans, tools, tips and techniques to make the change easier, quicker and more effective. View them in our resources section.

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One to one advice

One to one help and guidance on all aspects of AS9100 Rev D.

From system set up to effective change management, we offer personal advice and guidance. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have on the upcoming change.

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AS9100 Resources

A range of supporting materials, from online forums to our AS9100 white papers.

We offer a range of free material with insights into the changes — including our white paper Energising aerospace companies behind AS9100 REVISION D. View our Resources below.

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